Summer Court

Notable Summer Court Lost of the Northeast include:



Grinder the Scabpicker, a Stonebone Ogre who was once a labor union captain in Boston itself in the twenties, and who, after coming back from Arcadia in the eighties, trekked directly back to Boston, his hometown, and quickly rose to prominence as a man of unbending ethics.  He was picked as their overseer for court transitions on account of his high regard for rules and fairness, and his unerring ruthlessness in dealing with those who would abuse power changes.  He is the head of the Summer Court of the Crimson Hills.


Dominik Fireborne, a Draconic Fairest, a new arrival to Boston.  His passion for open confrontation has won him good standing in the Summer Court, and his shameless womanizing has earned him the respect of the Spring Court as well.

Summer Court

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