Notable Fairest of the Northeast include:

Rose Amica, a flowering Fairest of the Spring Court.  She spends much time in the Public Garden of Boston, the yang to Lizzy Thinfinger's yin.  She is the opposite.  While Lizzy won't go out of her way to find you, but will help you when she can, Rose will often find you wherever you are and try to drag you back to the garden, if she's looking for some fun.   She won't help you out neccessarily, but she's good for distraction.  She and Lizzy, though Rose often yells at Lizzy across the street, actually get on quite well, and share many a secret between them.

Roth the Just, a dancer Fairest, is a tall, brightly skinned, festive ruler.  He is the Spring Court's ruler in the Emerald Island He enjoys giving out favors and is full of mirth.  His tastes are mercurial and his favored courtiers one day are forgotten the next.  His largesse grants him many followers, but despite this he has little actual court time of hearing grievances.  He delights in being the man to personally coronate and re-coronate each of the seasonal rulers, including himself, with a great deal of pomp and circumstance.

Dominik Fireborne, a draconic Fairest, is a well muscled, tall, and handsome up and comer in the Summer Court.


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