Emerald Island

The Emerald Island is the freehold of New York City, and it quite large, with a population of over 200 Lost.  It is based on Staten Island, and its name, the Emerald Island, is a reference to both an older fae island of Europe and to its standing as the Spring-aligned freehold of the northeast.  Despite their Spring Court alignment, they have a strong Summer Court presence as well.  Their Spring ruler is in charge of their overall courtly transition. 

The rulers of the Emerald Island are, as a whole, often criticized by their denizens for being too detached from reality – more than usual for a changeling.  They and their lackeys are often accused of having no idea what it is like for an ordinary changeling in NYC, and of blind apathy for the recent slew of disappearances of fae in the area.  Those seasonal rulers are as follows:

SpringRoth the Just, a dancer Fairest, is a tall, brightly skinned, festive ruler.  He enjoys giving out favors and is full of mirth.  His tastes are mercurial and his favored courtiers one day are forgotten the next.  His largesse grants him many followers, but despite this he has little actual court time of hearing grievances.  He delights in being the man to personally coronate and re-coronate each of the seasonal rulers, including himself, with a great deal of pomp and circumstance.





The Emerald Island is just one enclave of supernatural activity within the city of New York.  Manhattan, despite its urbanity, has several clans of Werewolves residing in it, with their center of operations in Central Park.    The Technocracy is relatively unknown here, since the Glass Walkers have control of most of the technology of the city.  Vampires have several outposts around town, from several different tribes.  Most of Brooklyn is in the grips of the Mage community, though there is much division within that community.  The Mages often have places of safe harbor within Manhattan as well, and those two burroughs have amiable relations with the Lost, and can often give refuge to those changelings who find themselves in need in the city.  In Queens and the Bronx, where the overall Mage governmental structure is weaker, however, changelings are advised to not stay alone with magicians there, who are often predatory in nature and in search of an easy thaumaturgical source.

Emerald Island

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