Crimson Hills

The Crimson Hills is the Lost freehold of Boston, located in the Blue Hills reservation just to the south of it.  They are primarily aligned with the Summer Court, although they also have a strong Spring presence, too.

 The Crimson Hills are overseen by their four respective seasonal rulers, with their Summer ruler overseeing the changes in leadership.  Surprisingly, none are among the number of the Fairest.  These four rulers are:

SummerGrinder the Scabpicker, a Stonebone Ogre who was once a labor union captain in Boston itself in the twenties, and who, after coming back from Arcadia in the eighties, trekked directly back to Boston, his hometown, and quickly rose to prominence as a man of unbending ethics.  He was picked as their overseer for court transitions on account of his high regard for rules and fairness, and his unerring ruthlessness in dealing with those who would abuse power changes.

 FallWilliam Stearn,  a Manikin Elemental, with affinities for steam and brick.  Whenever any seek to encroach on the domain of the Crimson Hills, William is the man to see.  He has a no-nonsense approach to weapon-making which endears him to the Wizened, and he often spends his time in the hidden nooks and crannies along the Charles River.  He works closely with Morgan the Quick in the defense of the Crimson Hills.

 WinterLizzy Thinfinger, a Woodblood Elemental.  Tall and graceful, do not call Lady Lizzy "Lizzy Thinfinger" to her face.  It's merely a descriptor when she's not around so people don't confuse her with the other Lizzy.  With an affinity for willow trees, she tends to hang about in the Boston Common, and is often quite willing to help out any who seek her.  People often talk about the shade of her help in many different contexts – it is broad and welcoming, but ultimately it can tend to be much chillier than being out in the sun.  She can often be seen nearer the edge of the public garden, arguing with Rose Amica.

 SpringSouth End Lizzy, a Runnerswift Beast,  also not to be referred to as "South End Lizzy," but as "Miss Lizzy," to her face.  She has long ears and enormous long legs, and is often bounding back and forth all around town, a coordinator for the various social events and gatherings for the Lost of the Crimson Hills.


The Crimson Hills as a freehold tend largely toward Spring and Summer members, in equal parts.  At about eighty changelings large, it has a great deal of diversity in seemings as well.  As a group, they tend to hang around parties quite a bit.  They do have a problem often with the north side of the river, however.  The southeast end of Cambridge is fairly overrun by Technocracy, the anti-Mages.  They don't go out of their way seeking trouble with the Changelings, and have a quite firm divide along the river with their territories, but each prefers that the other stays on their own side.  The Technocracy is a bit too stale for the Changeling's tastes, and the Lost have an affinity for mucking up the Technocracy's attempts at a nice, sterile, safe environment for their experiments.  They do sometimes have cross-tribal gatherings however, when they have need.  They even have two established liasons.  The Technocracy's ambassador to the Lost is Ryan Smith, and the Crimson Hills' ambassador is affectionately known as "Mundane" Carrie Whitford, an Antiquarian Darkling.

 The city is well-divided up between the Technocracy and the Changelings, with only a small Vampire enclave in the North End, and a few Mages scattered about the city.  Werewolves in Massachusetts are almost unheard of in the East, and tend to stick to western Massachusetts.


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Crimson Hills

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