Silent, deadly, HOT


19, South Korean, ex-gymnast, sniper

Musei was training for the S. Korean Olympic gymnastics team. As a small girl her parents made a pact with fae such that she would be granted extreme acrobatic skill, in exchange for which she would one day be called on to serve them in the Hedge. At age 12, weeks before the final qualifying round for the Games, these fae called in their debt.

She was dragged, kicking and screaming, into the Hedge, where she would spend the next 6 years training as a sniper at the whim of her masters. She quickly displayed natural talent at all things martial, especially sharpshooting. She completed her tasks with precision and determination; nevertheless, her sharp tongue and short temper meant that she consistently drew their wrath.

They quickly found secondary excitement using her various talents and quirks to punish both their captives and their lovers. During these games Musei learned to harness the sadistic, dominant tendencies that darkened her soul.

Eventually, having borne enough, Musei made her escape. She killed her mistress, stealing her clothes, and made way out into the Hedge. Her acrobatic skills allowed her to quickly evade all followers, granting her time enough to find a trod back home.

Well, not exactly home. The trod Musei stumbled upon that night dumped her in an alley in the Mission Hill district of Boston. She stumbled about the warzone that is the ‘Hill, until she met some kindreds at ManRay. She also found a way to support herself in the crowd here assembled. She discovered the repressed BDSM scene in the Crimson Hills, and learned how badly the city needed someone that could treat its denizens exactly how they needed/deserved.


In the Crimson Hills Palantier mesatchornug