Dominik Fireborne

A Draconic Fairest with a knack for flame.


Dominik's Mask appears to be of eastern European decent- sharp features, slicked back black hair, and deep golden eyes- very handsome indeed.  He is tall, broad shouldered, and lithe. He has an unusual brand over his heart, resembling a flame roughly the size of a silver dollar.

His Mein is equally handsome, but with draconic detail: instead of hair he has a lizard-like crest, his eyes are a brighter burnished golden color, and a slight lizard scale texture to his skin.  His brand glows as if it were a hot ember.

Dominik carries himself with an air of calm nobility that leaves few doors closed to him.  He is accustomed to the good things in life, and to getting his way- to the point where he will simply assume those around him will pander to his needs (and as a result, they often do!).  He is very conscious of rank and influence within the courts, and remains tactful but straight forward with his superiors.

When roused to physical confrontation, Dominik becomes possessed with a serpentine grace as he flows through an other-worldly martial art. However, it is not until he embraces flame that his true combat ability comes forth.  Using Elemental contracts, Dominik attacks wreathed in fire, causing significant damage.

When at ease, Dominik will often fiddle with his favorite lighter, a Zippo engraved with flames.


Dominik has risen in the ranks of the Summer Court as quickly as can be expected of a fresh Changling, as well as garnering some solid respect in the Spring Court.

 Little is known of his time in Arcadia, but there is some speculation given his martial prowess and striking good looks that he was kept as a bodyguard and lover of some Fairest Gentry.  It is best not to mention the subject in his presence.

 Dominik is a shameless womanizer, seeking the best and brightest company, showing them the greatest of care… but only so long as they warm his bed.  Even when keeping a pledge bound lover, he will seek entertainment on the side- the better to infuriate them!


Dominik Fireborne

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