Welcome to the campaign "In the Crimson Hills."  It's being run by me, Kevin.  Most of the important stuff is just in the Crimson Hills and Main pages for now – the Seeming and Court pages are mostly cross-referential at the moment.


Just some guidelines for using this site:

A) Please create a character page!  Background!  Everything!  It'll be awesome.  You might include 3 sections:  out of character, in-character general knowledge and, if you want to, in-character secrets.  But only if you want to.

 B) You're welcome to Wiki things in.  Just three things on that:

 '   1) Keep track of where you're linking to and make sure it's the right page.

'   2)  If you create a new character, make sure to cross-reference them in their seeming's page, and their court's page.  

'   3)  Make sure to tag your entry.  Preferably with freehold.

C)  The other three freeholds need work!  Feel free to fill in details as you want to!  It'll also be a pretty continuous work for me.




addendum: I have conquered Nick's playgroup and kicked him out. There are a few specific things I'm looking for in your background: who your character was before they went to Arcadia, who their living relatives may or may not be, what their (perceived) time in Fae was like and how they escaped.





In the Crimson Hills

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